Pro-Nox™ puts your comfort in your own hands!

Many patients electing to have medical aesthetics treatments in the Nashville area admit to feeling anxious about their procedure. Most often, the fear of pain is the main source of anxiety, whether it be for neurotoxin injections, fillers, laser hair removal, or a variety of sexual health treatments. But with the Pro-Nox™ system, those fears can be quickly put to rest, especially when the patient understands they can control their own relief as they feel they need it. 

An added bonus is that this innovative system provides an additional layer of protection as the device is capable of filtering out of 99.99% of viruses. 

So what exactly is Pro-Nox? 

Pro-Nox is a pneumatically driven gas system where a 50/50 mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is administered in a safe manner to patients to alleviate pain and discomfort during a medical procedure. The patient controls the device in which instant relief and a sense of well-being is provided in just a few breaths. Patients are often surprised at how easy it is to use the Pro-Nox system and how quickly it takes effect. 

Here are a few of the great benefits of this amazing device:

  • Self-administered with patient control. 
  • Eliminates the need for numbing cream or opioids.
  • Takes effect quickly.
  • Quick recovery so the patient can drive themselves home.
  • Visual and audio alarms to ensure utmost safety during use. 
  • Pro-Nox’s Pharma Mini Filter protects patients and staff with a viral efficiency up to 99.99%.

At Transformative Dermatology, Pro-Nox is our go-to for helping our patients stay relaxed and comfortable during whichever procedure they choose. So if you’re coming in for any of our popular treatments, you can rest assured that your comfort level will be top priority. Call us today at (615) 905-4994 to find out more about Pro-Nox or any of our services!