Transformative Dermatology Now Offering GAINSWave®

Transformative Dermatology in Franklin, Tennessee recently announced the addition of state-of-the-art GAINSWave®, a completely noninvasive, pain-free, soundwave treatment option designed to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that affects millions of men each year. 

Transformative Dermatology owner and medical director, Jill Fichtel, M.D., says this revolutionary new treatment offers a much safer alternative to more invasive options as well as drug therapy, which can have the potential for unwanted side effects.

“Erectile dysfunction is a condition that plagues a lot of men at some point in their lives, and many of them are often too embarrassed to seek help,” Fichtel said. “I want to remove the stigma with this condition and prove that there are wonderful, non-surgical options for men who suffer with ED. GAINSWave helps so many patients regain their quality of life with virtually no unwanted side effects.”

Fichtel went on to explain that ED is often the result of poor blood flow along with buildup of micro-plaque in the blood vessels of the penis. Age is a big factor of the condition as testosterone significantly declines as men get older. But younger men can also be affected. There are quite a few contributory factors, like depression, high cholesterol, Peyronie’s Disease, diabetes, obesity, and certain medications, among others, as Fichtel points out. 

But whatever factors that contribute to a patient’s ED, Fichtel explains that GAINSWave utilizes high-frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to effectively counteract their effects and increase blood flow to the penis to activate cell and tissue repair. 

“Increased blood flow means a lot more chances for intimacy along with longer, more satisfying orgasms,” Fichtel said. “And it’s not just older men that are reaping the benefits. Even younger guys are opting for treatment to enhance their performance. Any men interested in this treatment are welcome to call us for a confidential, virtual consultation.”

Fichtel said treatment can be quickly and privately administered in-office and results can last up to three years. 

For more information about treatment for ED with GAINSWave, call (615) 905-4995 or visit