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The board certified dermatologists at our Franklin (Nashville, TN) based dermatology practice offer an array of general dermatology services including treatments for acne, acne scarring, cystic acne, skin rejuvenation, melasma, moles, skin tags, warts, and skin cancer screenings. Our top rated dermatology practice is spearheaded by board certified dermatologist, Dr. Jill Fichtel. Dr. Fichtel specializes in diagnosing and treating skin conditions and disorders of all kinds. The best in class doctor’s commitment to helping her patients is demonstrated through her custom treatments and individualized care. The top notch dermatologists and dedicated staff at Transformative Dermatology are proud to serve the greater Nashville area and beyond. 

Our general dermatology team has helped thousands of people stop worrying about their skin so that they can start living their best lives. Dr. Fichtel uses a careful balance of art, science, and aesthetics to deliver natural-looking results that rejuvenate the skin in ways that over-the-counter medication could never achieve! Dr. Fichtel is committed to providing each patient with the perfect combination of medical and aesthetic services that actualizes their realistic post-treatment goals. 

Your skin makes up the largest organ of the body, which is why it is imperative that we take good care of it! Suffering from a skin condition, such as cystic acne, hyperpigmentation, or facial scarring can be a painful and embarrassing experience that can interfere with your confidence and sense of wellbeing. People often associate common skin conditions such as acne and cystic acne with teenagers, but it can truly happen to anyone at any age with any type of skin. 

“Dr Fichtel is an outstanding dermatologist. She takes the time to listen to your concerns. She genuinely wants her patients to be thrilled with the outcome of their treatments. She is an artist and understands semetry, balance, and natural beauty. The office is relaxing and I was even allowed to hold her little dog Spice while she was conducting the procedure. She has a special talent that very few cosmetic experts have. She is also helping me with my Vitiligo. I am so grateful I found her.” ~ RealSelf

The best in class board certified dermatologists of Transformative Dermatology are tuned into the latest in state-of-the-art skincare technologies, including laser and radiofrequency devices, built to heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize patients’ skin.

Dr. Fichtel is world-renowned for her safe and effective skin renewal treatments and she has earned herself a reputation for successfully helping her patients achieve healthy, hydrated, youthful skin that looks / feels natural and beautiful.

Our Franklin, TN based dermatology practice offers:

Acne prevention / treatment: At Transformative Dermatology (Franklin, TN), we understand that acne can occur at any age… even during adulthood! We offer the most effective medical grade acne prevention / treatment options available on the market, including clinical-grade chemical peels and the Cutera® laser technology.  

Acne scar treatment: Medical grade scar treatment and prevention (typically caused by previous bouts of recurring / cystic acne) is routinely performed by Transformative Dermatology’s best in class board certified cosmetic dermatologists. We offer the latest in chemical peels, Cutera® laser technology, and fractional laser treatments. These acne scar treatment methods may also help with the prevention and treatment of recurring acne.  

Cystic acne treatment: Cystic acne can be a pain to eliminate but is possible! Our highly trained dermatologists of Transformative Dermatology offer individualized treatment for cystic acne including Isotretinoin, antibiotics, topical retinoids, Spironolactone, and oral contraceptives. During your initial cystic acne consultation, the dermatologist will evaluate the affected skin to determine the best course of treatment to quickly eradicate the skin condition. 

Skin cancer screening: When caught early on, skin cancer can be quickly diminished through in-office skin cancer treatments. Almost 10,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer every day, which is a reminder that seeing the dermatologist once a year for skin cancer screening is vital. 

Please note: Our best in class board certified dermatologist offers in-person and virtual consultations (from anywhere in the world). 

As best in class, top rated Nashville (Franklin, TN) dermatologists we provide highly personalized and comprehensive care. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a cosmetic dermatology or general dermatology consultation please use the eForm on the right or simply phone us.

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