Skin Cancer Screening

Dr. Jill Fichtel is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in diagnosing and treating skin conditions and disorders of every kind. As part of her commitment to helping her patients achieve total wellness and wellbeing she offers full body skin cancer screening using the latest diagnostic technologies.

More individuals are diagnosed with skin cancer in the United States every year, than all other cancers combined. But when diagnosed early and treated properly, skin cancer can typically be eradicated with fast and effective in-office treatments. However, when cancerous growths are ignored, the consequences can be dire.

Dr. Fichtel offers the latest screening and treatment technologies for benign, precancerous and cancerous skin lesions – to ensure cancer does not interfere with your best life. She has screened thousands of patients, so they can stop worrying about their skin – and obtain early intervention when necessary. Skin cancer screenings only take about 10 minutes, and if a biopsy is requires it’s typically a quick and painless “scrape” performed with a numbing agent.

Protect your health by scheduling your skin cancer screen in our Nashville area dermatology office today!

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