eVIVE™ Acoustic Shockwave for Cellulite

eVive for Cellulite

What it does at a glance:

  • Diminishes the appearance of cellulite.
  • Speeds up removal of frozen fat cells post CoolSculpting®.

Those unsightly pockets of fat don’t stand a chance with the eVIVE™ Acoustic Shockwave for cellulite and post CoolSculpting®. A treatment with the eVIVE system is medically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. When used immediately following a CoolSculpting® treatment, it helps to break down frozen fat cells and speed up the body’s removal of them much faster. It does this by stimulating blood flow to the treatment area and ridding it of dead fat cells by the process of lymphatic drainage. This amazing technology is available right here in Franklin, TN at Transformative Dermatology.

Here’s how the eVIVE™ Acoustic Shockwave system works.

Acoustic shockwave therapy refers to the soundwaves that create gentle vibrations that positively impact the underlying connective tissue, cells, and ultimately your skin itself. These soundwaves cause microtears in the connective tissues while breaking down the fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Don’t worry….it doesn’t hurt. When these minor, tiny tears occur, your body automatically increases the amount of collagen to the area to help with healing. The treated tendons and tissue are replaced with a more dense, rejuvenated frame of collagen fibers, which results in visibly lifted, firmer, and smoother skin. Who doesn’t want smoother skin?

These soundwaves are transmitted through a handheld device which targets enlarged fat cells and breaks them down. The shockwaves activate your body’s own metabolic activity to stimulate blood circulation and the production of collagen, which in-turn reduces the appearance of that pesky, unsightly cellulite.

Who is a likely candidate?

Any healthy individual with unwanted cellulite and the desire for a smoother, firmer, or tighter appearance is a great candidate. Also, anyone who has just had a CoolSculpting treatment and wants better results, diminished pain, a faster recovery time, and improvement of fat reduction can reap the benefits.

What can I expect before, during, and after the treatment?

For people with cellulite, we first apply ultrasound gel to the treatment area to ensure smooth movement of the device. The treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes, in which you’ll feel gentle vibrations to the target area. There’s absolutely no pain or downtime, so you are free to resume your regular activity immediately following treatment. 

For people who have just undergone CoolSculpting, we also apply ultrasound gel following the removal of the CoolSculpting applicator. We massage the area with the eVIVE device, which only takes about two to four minutes. Then, we cleanse the area with a warm washcloth. Then you’re free to go!

How long does it take and how many treatments are typically recommended for best results?

Each session to address cellulite takes approximately 20-30 minutes, and 12 sessions performed three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) are recommended for best results.

For post CoolSculpting, treatment takes two to four minutes and is only performed after a CoolSculpting treatment.

Are there any side effects with the treatment, and does it hurt?

There are no side effects, and the treatment doesn’t hurt at all. If for any reason you feel anxious, however, we can provide Pro-Nox™ (laughing gas) or the Alpha-Stim® device to make sure you’re totally at ease. 

Let’s talk about the results I can expect.

You can expect smoother, firmer, and tighter skin due to the temporary reduction in cellulite. Also, if you just had a CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll be rid of those fat cells by the process of lymphatic drainage much faster than without eVIVE.  

Are there any risks involved with the treatment?

Nope. There are no known risks with the eVIVE Acoustic Shockwave for cellulite and post CoolSculpting treatment.

How much does it cost?

Every patient is different. During your appointment, Dr. Jill will discuss with you your desired results and map out a treatment path and cost best suited for your individual needs.

I’m interested in having this treatment. What’s the next step?

All you have to do is call us at (615) 905-4994 to set up a private consultation. We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you.

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