PRP Vampire Facelift | Franklin, TN

Transformative Dermatology in Franklin, TN offers state-of-the-art PRP Vampire Facelifts – an advanced aesthetic procedure that stimulates the skin to rejuvenate itself. Made popular by celebrities on social media, the “Vampire Facelift” derives its name because cells from the patient’s own blood are used to stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process.

A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn, as it would be for any routine blood test. Then the blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate and extract the platelets – which contain concentrated levels of “growth factor”. This “Platelet Rich Plasma” or “PRP” – is then injected back into the face. The concentrated growth factor in the PRP reaches the deeper subdermal skin cells, where it stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin at an accelerated rate. As the collagen and elastin develop they build a tighter, plumper, younger network of skin cells – which smoothes out wrinkles and lines, improves skin tightness, and increases elasticity. The result is dramatically smoother, tighter, more youthful skin.

The PRP facelift is an all natural, minimally invasive, and very affordable alternative to a surgical facelift – with many of the same benefits. The renewed dermal tissues, as well as new blood vessels, lift and tighten the skin in the face, jowls and neck – taking years off your appearance with with dramatically tighter skin. And there are no incisions – with almost no downtime afterwards. PRP injections are also highly effective for treating scarring, acne & acne scars, and stretch marks – and can be used to stimulate hair growth on the scalp, as well.

With a PRP Vampire facelift you can look as young on the outside, as you feel on the inside! If you live in the greater Memphis area, schedule a PRP Vampire Facelift appointment at Transformative Dermatology in Franklin, TN today.