Microneedling PRP Skin Rejuvenation in Franklin, TN

The 3DEEP Intensif radiofrequency (RF) microneedling laser by Endymed™ is offered at the top rated Transformative Dermatology (Franklin, TN, just outside of Nashville). Our best in class board certified cosmetic dermatologists routinely perform a range of non-invasive laser / device based microneedling procedures, such as 3DEEP Intensif Radiofrequency Microneedling, for skin rejuvenation at our state-of-the-art medical facility (serving the greater Nashville area). 

Endymed™’s 3DEEP Intensif radiofrequency microneedling technology uses cutting-edge techniques to deliver natural-looking skin rejuvenation through stimulated collagen production at targeted treatment areas (anywhere on the body). The 3DEEP radiofrequency microneedling laser treatment is an economical alternative to cosmetic surgery and offers similar benefits with little to no downtime! 

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Fichtel!! She is the most compassionate, intelligent, artistic, and beautiful (inside and out) health care professional I’ve ever met! I’ve been her patient now for almost a year and I will always go to her. Dr. Fichtel knows how to find the ‘gold’ in each and every person she comes into contact with and makes them feel like the beautiful person they are created to be. Each person is treated as an individual and the care is tailored to their specific needs and desires. She has a very warm and caring personality, I am so grateful I found her. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field which causes me to trust her with my very life! I recommend her to every one I know seeking out dermatology on every level!” ~ RealSelf

You may be a candidate for 3DEEP Intensif radiofrequency microneedling treatment if you are interested in any of the following: 

  • Body tightening / contouring
  • Acne / acne scar reduction
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin rejuvenation / tightening 
  • Deep wrinkle / stretch mark eradication 
  • Affordable non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment 

3DEEP Intensif RF microneedling laser treatment uses highly effective and innovative aesthetic techniques to deliver skin rejuvenation and revitalization through non-invasive, painless medical intervention. Schedule an initial laser consultation with Transformative Dermatology’s best in class board certified physicians to learn more about how Intensif radiofrequency microneedling laser treatment can help you actualize your skin goals without breaking the bank. 

During your initial consult, your highly trained board certified cosmetic dermatologist performs a routine physical, reviews your full medical history, and takes inventory of your skin elasticity to effectively personalize your non-invasive RF microneedling laser treatment. The RF microneedling laser effectively stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to improve the quality of your skin through natural rejuvenation. 

Patients are free to exercise and socialize as usual after each treatment session, as there is no downtime with the radiofrequency microneedling laser treatment offered at the Franklin, TN based Transformative Dermatology (serving the greater Nashville area). 

How long does each treatment take? 

Each treatment takes between an hour to an hour and a half to complete with little to no downtime, meaning you can go about your day as usual after receiving the RF microneedling treatment. Some redness on and around the treatment area is common for 30-45 minutes after undergoing your non-invasive RF microneedling treatment at Transformative Dermatology. No anesthesia is necessary.

When can I expect to see visible results? How do I know the number of treatments I will need?

Results are typically noticeable / optimal starting 3 months after the first treatment, but it ultimately depends on your unique anatomy and post-procedural goals. The amount of sessions necessary to complete your treatment and actualize your post-procedural goals is also dependent upon your unique anatomy and the location of your treatment areas. You will work directly with the cosmetic dermatologist to determine how many treatment sessions are needed to achieve optimal results. 

Who is a candidate for 3DEEP Intensif RF Microneedling laser treatment? 

Both men and women seeking affordable non-surgical natural skin rejuvenation / regeneration are candidates for this non-invasive, pain-free, quick laser treatment. You must complete the full course of treatments recommended by the top rated board certified dermatologist in order to achieve your post-treatment goals. 

Please note: We offer in-person and virtual consultations (from anywhere in the world). 

As best in class, top rated Nashville (Franklin, TN) dermatologists we provide highly personalized and comprehensive care. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a cosmetic dermatology or general dermatology consultation please use the eForm on the right or simply phone us.

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