BeautiFill Laser Lipo & Fat Transfer

BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer is a state-of-the-art body sculpting procedure that offers laser assisted lipo fat removal,  skin tightening and “autologous fat transfer” – all combined into a single procedure. BeautiFill allows Dr. Jill to remove fat from areas where you don’t want it (like the abdomen, muffin tops or thighs) – and then put it back into areas where you do want more volume (such as the lines on the face, the chest, or buttocks).

Minimally invasive BeautiFill is a virtually painless method of liposuction that permanently removes unwanted fat, while preserving the removed fat cells for re-injection into areas of the body that need volume added. Dr. Jill Fichtell is among the very first physicians in the entire Nashville area to offer this cutting edge Body Sculpting, Skin Tightening & Fat Transfer procedure.

Schedule a consultation at our Franklin, TN Medical Spa and we’ll offer you a personalized consultation to help you decide if BeautiFill, or another of our many body sculpting treatments, is right for you! Get the body you you want – so you can look and live better!