Whenever I wear a protective style–like my current box braids–the first question that pops into my head after about the third or fourth week of wearing them is, “what causes product buildup and how do I get rid of it as soon as possible?” This is the inevitable downside of having hair, period. The gunky […]

While the bathroom cabinet is home to most of our favorite skin-care products, there’s another household space that’s also proven to be valuable to our beauty routines: the kitchen. Ubiquitous ingredients like honey, milk, and sugar have been used as DIY beauty solutions for thousands of years, and continue to inspire new trends and innovations, […]

If we’re being honest, the first place I heard about Emsculpt was on Instagram from a slew of reality TV stars who were suddenly all posting videos of themselves laying in doctors’ officer with paddles stabbed to their stomachs and rear ends. Tone your butt and belly while relaxing in an air-conditioned office? Yes please! […]