Halo™ Laser Skin Resurfacing

The top notch board certified cosmetic dermatologists at Transformative Dermatology (Franklin, TN) offer Halo™ Skin Resurfacing (laser technology) for the face and body. This treatment consists of the latest in hybrid fractional laser technology to resurface the skin to bring healthy, fresh skin to the forefront and effectively stimulate the natural production of collagen. This can improve the texture, tone, and pigmentation of the skin, diminish scars / fine lines / enlarged pores, and overall rejuvenate the treated skin.  

The non-invasive Halo™ laser skin resurfacing is an FDA-approved skin rejuvenation treatment that targets facial and body skin rejuvenation using hybrid fractional laser technology to stimulate the natural growth of collagen in the target areas. 

  • The non-ablative side of the laser targets the dermis (a deeper layer of skin) to eradicate skin discoloration, shrink enlarged pores, tighten skin, and stimulate natural collagen production. The non-ablative portion of Halo™ treatment works to add thickness and density to the skin while tightening it and shrinking enlarged pores. 
  • The ablative portion of the Halo™ laser treatment focuses on the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) to increase the quality of your skin and stimulate healthy collagen production.

“Dr. Fichtel was my doctor for nearly 10 years and I regret that she left Tennessee. She is by far the most compassionate, skilled, and professional doctor I have ever been to, not only dermatologist. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out! I had several moles removed by her, then one removed by a plastic surgeon because she was concerned about it being on my face and the scarring that could result. Should have insisted that SHE do it because I have NEVER had any scars with her, and no issues with any removals, but with the plastic surgeon I did. She is extremely gifted and if she ever returns to TN she will be my doctor again, with no hesitation. WE MISS YOU!!!!” ~ RateMDs

Halo™ skin resurfacing is a cutting-edge non-invasive treatment that regenerates and revitalizes damaged skin that has accumulated over the years, such as:

  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scars
  • Physical signs of the natural aging process
  • Inconsistent skin tone 
  • Sun damage 

Am I a candidate for Halo™ Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Anyone who desires to eliminate the physical signs of the natural aging process (wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity), uneven pigmentation / skin texture may be a candidate for Halo™ laser skin resurfacing. An individual who is healthy, aware of how cosmetic laser treatments work, and possesses realistic post-procedural goals may be a candidate for Halo™.

How long does a treatment session take? 

Each treatment session takes between 20-45 minutes depending on your unique anatomy and treatment zones. Facial treatment may take an hour or so. 

After meeting with your board certified dermatologist, your physician can give you a better idea of how many sessions are needed to complete the treatment. 

The board certified cosmetic dermatologists of Transformative Dermatology recommend receiving continuous follow-up treatment every 6 months to maintain the results. 

How does Halo™ skin resurfacing work? 

The top notch cosmetic dermatologists at Transformative Dermatology perform Halo™ skin resurfacing through the use of a unique device called a fractional hybrid laser (uses ablative / non-ablative lasers in one dual hybrid laser) to rejuvenate damaged skin. The top tier laser technology can effectively diminish uneven skin texture, redness, hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions that leave visible marks on the affected area. The Halo™ laser is considered a mild skin resurfacer, which can help patients who previously received more aggressive laser resurfacing in the past and need continual maintenance. Halo™ laser treatment can also help eradicate irregular types of cells that have the potential to form harmful skin lesions later in life.

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