GAINSWave® for Erectile Dysfunction

Look fellas, we know erectile dysfunction (ED) is no joke. It’s certainly difficult to pretend everything is peachy keen when things aren’t going so well in the bedroom. If this sounds way too familiar, we want you to know you don’t have to suffer in silence. There are several treatment options out there that can help you get your groove back.

While there are a few oral medications on the market, some of those can come with unwelcome side effects, especially for men with underlying health issues. But not to worry, because one of the newest procedures available is revolutionizing treatment for ED – and it has no known side effects. It’s called GAINSWave® and it’s available to Nashville area men at Transformative Dermatology in Franklin, TN.

Gainswave erectile dysfunction

What exactly is erectile dysfunction (ED), and how does GAINSWave work to treat it?

ED is the result of poor blood flow along with buildup of micro-plaque in the blood vessels of the penis. Age is a big factor as testosterone significantly declines as you get older. There are also quite a few contributory factors, like depression, high cholesterol, Peyronie’s Disease, diabetes, obesity, and certain medications, among others.

Whatever the factors are that contribute to your ED, the GAINSWave device uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to counteract their effects and increase blood flow to the penis to activate cell and tissue repair. Increased blood flow means a lot more chances for intimacy with that special someone along with longer, more satisfying orgasms.

If we haven’t gotten your attention already, here are some highlights of the treatment to further pique your interest:

  • Clinically proven
  • Quick in-office treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain free

Who is a likely candidate for GAINSWave treatment in Nashville?

Men ages 25-70 who are healthy enough for sex can benefit greatly from the treatment.

But get this: it’s not just for men with age-related ED. Even younger guys are opting for treatment to enhance their performance and keep things running smoothly, if you catch our drift.

What can I expect before, during, and after treatment?

When you arrive at our state-of-the-art facility in Franklin, TN, you’ll be taken to a private room where the noninvasive treatment will take place. And we certainly know “noninvasive” is a key word when you’re talking about such a sensitive area, right?

When the treatment begins, you’ll experience a painless pulsating sensation to targeted areas of your groin for approximately 20 minutes while you simply lie back and relax. Once the treatment is complete, you can slide your pants back on and go about your normal activities. There is no downtime or soreness involved.

The number of required treatments depends on the severity of your symptoms and individual desires, but 6-12 is usually standard. Maintenance sessions after treatment are also available as needed to keep your sex life in tiptop shape.

Let’s talk about the kind of results I can expect.

Patients typically report much greater ability to maintain erections, more intense orgasms during sex, increased confidence and vitality, and an overall enhanced sex life. Hundreds of thousands of men have already been treated with the numbers proving a more than 75% success rate. Results vary based on a patient’s medical condition and age and may take a few months to experience full effects. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and quitting smoking are key factors in helping you achieve a favorable outcome with treatment.

How long do the results last?

The treatment has been medically proven to relieve symptoms of ED for up to three years!

Are there any risks involved with the GAINSWave?

No, there are no known safety risks involved. However, there is the slight possibility you may not respond to treatment.

I’m interested in GAINSWave to treat my ED or just enhance my sexual performance. What’s my next step?

Just pick up the phone and call us at (615) 905-4994. We’ll set up a 100% private consultation with Dr. Jill at a time that’s most convenient for you. We also offer the safety and convenience of Virtual Consultations if you’d be more comfortable that way.  

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