Forever Young BBL™

Our top notch board certified cosmetic dermatologists at the state-of-the-art Franklin, TN based Transformative Dermatology offer the FDA-approved and highly popular Forever Young BBL™ (Broad Band Light) non-surgical procedure for patients seeking medical-grade skin rejuvenation. The Forever Young BBL™ device aims to provide patients with healthier skin and diminished / eradicated skin conditions for ailments such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne, rosacea, and more! We encourage you to schedule an appointment via phone or eForm to learn more about how the Forever Young BBL™ can help your skin (and confidence) flourish!

Transformative Dermatology offers the FDA-approved and highly popular Forever Young BBL™ at our Franklin, TN medical spa that serves the greater Nashville area. Through the careful use of lasers, your top notch board certified dermatologist directs Broad Band Light (BBL) onto the dermis and epidermis, then applies SkinTyte treatment to the neck to increase skin elasticity / firmness and even out your natural pigment. The Forever Young BBL laser treatment is strong enough to produce smoother, clearer, younger skin. To maintain optimal results, most patients come to the Transformative Dermatology office on a regular basis to receive Forever Young BBL™ laser treatment.

“I went to Dr. Fichtel for the first time last week. Her office is warm and welcoming as is her staff. You feel like you are in her home and a spa combined. I went in for filler for the first time and left amazed at how comfortable she made everything for me, how quick and pain free the injections were & an appt to go back. Excellent doctor who is able to take her with each patient and has a very personal approach to each one.” ~ Healthgrades

Forever Young BBL™ laser treatment can help with the following: 

  • Diminish wrinkles / fine lines of the face
  • Eradicate acne / acne scars / blemishes
  • Eliminate rosacea / telangiectasias / cherry angiomas
  • Improve overall skin elasticity / firmness / texture

What to Expect

During your treatment session, the top rated dermatologist cleans the treatment area with alcohol, covers your eyes with special eye shields, and applies a cooling gel to the treatment area. The Forever Young BBL™ laser device is handheld, which allows your doctor to accurately and consistently guide the infrared light over the skin’s surface to rejuvenate the cells. The procedure is virtually painless, with gentle bursts of warmth throughout the treatment. Patients typically report feeling zero discomfort during the procedure. 

How long does the non-surgical treatment take?

Forever Young BBL™ laser treatment may take anywhere between 30-45 minutes, though it ultimately depends upon your unique anatomy and desired treatment zones. After your initial consultation, the top rated board certified dermatologist will be able to give you a more definitive answer in regards to treatment time, how many sessions are necessary to achieve your post-treatment goals, etc. 

Our top rated board certified dermatologists of Transformative Dermatology typically recommend between 2-4 treatments each year, spread out evenly, to maintain the youthful look you desire. 

Do I need to take time off of work? Is there downtime?

The Forever Young BBL™ laser treatment requires no downtime, so you are free to go about your day as you normally would after your treatment session is over. It is normal to experience some slight redness on / around the treatment area (which should fade after a few hours). Pigmented lesions may appear to get darker, but this result is temporary and it should fade / flake off within a week or two of your treatment.  

As best in class, top rated Nashville (Franklin, TN) dermatologists we provide highly personalized and comprehensive care. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a cosmetic dermatology or general dermatology consultation please use the eForm on the right or simply phone us.

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