Lose Fat | Build Muscle | Franklin, TN

Live better with the body you’ve always wanted! Transformative Dermatology in Franklin, TN offers state-of-the-art, non-invasive EmSculpt fat removal and muscle building for men and women. EmSculpt is a state of-the-art innovation in body sculpting that simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle – non-invasively, without surgery, diet or exercise.

EmSculpt works by triggering muscle contractions in the abdomen or buttocks up to 20,000 times in a single session. This not only rapidly burns fat, but increases muscle strength and size over time. One EmSculpt treatment is the equivalent of doing an amazing 20,000 squats or sit ups. EmSculpt patients typically experience up to a 19% reduction of fat as well as a 16% increase in muscle mass in the treated area(s).

There are many fat removal procedures on the market – from surgical liposuction to CoolSculpting fat freezing – but Emsculpt is the only fat reduction treatment that also builds muscle while reducing fat.

Stop living every day wishing for a better body. If you live in the greater Nashville area, you can get the toned, trim, body you’ve always wanted with non-invasive EmSculpt at Transformative Dermatology in Franklin, TN.