As Featured In Nashville Lifestyles : Dr. Jill Fichtel is Helping Patients Achieve Total Wellness & Wellbeing

Learn more about how Dr. Jill Fichtel is helping patients achieve total wellness and wellbeing.

Nashville Lifestyles: You just opened Transformative Dermatology. Why did you locate in Nashville?

Dr. Jill Fichtel: I’m a Nashville native, practiced here exclusively for eight years, and then began commuting back and forth to Ohio because of commitments that included serving as head of cosmetic dermatology at Ohio State University. Nashville rocks, so when I decided to open a new kind of dermatology practice offering medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, sexual health and wellness services under one roof, I never even considered anywhere else.

NL: What’s ‘transformative’ about Transformative Dermatology?

JF: My goal is to transform your life by making you feel better, look better, love better and live better. I do that by establishing personal relationships with patients, treating the whole patient instead of just removing a mole or prescribing an acne medication, and even addressing sexual, incontinence, hair loss and nutrition issues.

NL: How do you help women fight the aging process?

JF: I’m a master injector as well as a board-certified dermatologist, so this is one of my specialties. I help patients prevent the changes of aging before they happen with neurotoxins to combat set-in lines, or as soon as they happen with fillers to compensate for volume loss. I offer IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and BBL (Broad Band Light) laser therapies to get rid of red and brown spots caused by aging and sun damage. I help post-menopausal women maintain desire, lubrication and an active sex life with a combination of non-invasive, painless vaginal rejuvenation treatments. And a lot more.

NL: What’s all the fuss about platelet-rich plasma therapy?

JF: PRP injections use a concentration of your own platelets to treat a variety of conditions. That means you’re using your own body to heal yourself. (What could be better?) In my practice, we use it for hair loss, breast lift, labia rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction, urinary stress incontinence, restoration of nipple sensation after breast surgery, collagen stimulation for anti-aging or rejuvenation, and improved sexual function for women going through menopause.

NL: What other newer treatments do you offer?

JF: If you want to get shredded abs, Emsculpt is the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups. (I love it!) If you’re having urinary leakage problems, Emsella can help control it. If you’re dealing with cellulite or erectile dysfunction issues, acoustic shock wave therapy can be very effective. All of these treatments are non-invasive, cutting edge, and examples of the broad range of technologies we offer to help patients live their best and brightest lives.

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