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Transformative Dermatology, in Franklin, TN offers a wide array of state-of-the-art skin tightening, skin resurfacing & anti-aging treatments. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Fichtel offers procedures that can reduce the appearance fine lines, wrinkles, scars, sun damage, and age spots. We also offer several of the latest body sculpting technologies that remove stubborn fat without diet or exercise!

We offer the latest technologies in skin rejuvenation including laser treatments and radiofrequency (RF), microneedling, and the popular Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial. We also offer a full complement of injectables and dermal facial fillers, including: Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, Versa,  Restylane, Sculptra, Jeuveau and Kybella.

Our skin rejuvenating and anti aging treatments work on several levels, removing the dull, dead, top layer of skin cells to reveal smoother, younger, skin beneath – as well as stimulating the body’s own production of collagen & elastin, naturally regenerating the skin’s appearance.

Each anti-aging treatment begins with a professional skin consultation with Dr. Fichtel. She will recommended an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for you, with the most innovative and comprehensive anti-aging & skin care technologies available.

Personalized Aesthetic Services

Injectable treatments are all the rage for men and women who want a quick, no-downtime way to smooth years away from the face and neck. Transformative Dermatology in Franklin, TN offers the widest selection and the latest technologies in injectable neurotoxins and dermal fillers. We administer the most advanced products for removing lines & wrinkles, plumping lips, filling shallow facial contours, softening creases, and improving the appearance of scars.

We all want to look our best at any age, but the ravages of time become all too apparent in our skin (especially our faces) as more candles get added to the birthday cake. But you don’t have to take it lying down! At Transformative Dermatology, we offer a variety of minimally invasive anti-aging treatments to help you look your best and get back the glow that time took away.

Whether you want to have thicker, fuller hair or get rid of it in unwanted places altogether, we’ve got you covered…or not covered, depending on which treatment you’re looking for. Maybe you want silky smooth skin without having to pluck, wax, or shave? Or maybe, you’re noticing a little thinning or dullness up top and want to bring your locks back to life? Just give us a call and find out all the different ways we can help!

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