5 Fun Tips to Help Your Eyes Stand Out When Wearing a Mask

If you can’t flash an alluring smile, then grab some attention with a little eye action.

Since masks seem to be here to stay for a while, try seizing the opportunity as a way to up your “eye game” in the days ahead…maybe even entice a little wink or two while you’re out and about around Nashville. After all, your eyes are the only facial feature you’ve got to work with while wearing a mask in public, so here are a few tips to help you catch a little more attention…because it sure won’t be with your lipstick.

Make ‘em pop with eyedrops!
If your eyes tend to be a little on the reddish side, whether it be early morning virtual meetings or just allergies in general, using eye drops that reduce redness will give your eyes a fresher, whiter look. These drops are formulated to reduce the size of blood vessels and add a dash of helpful hydration. Drops can be purchased over the counter or even prescribed by a doctor. Either way, be sure and consult your eye care professional to see what he or she recommends for your peepers. 

Create a brow shape that flatters your face.
Eyebrows are a key feature in framing your eyes and determining facial balance. Whether you prefer your brows big and bold or thin and trim, a little extra effort put into shaping, filling, and defining your brows can go a long way to making your eyes pop! 

Makeup makes everything better.
Of course, one sure-fire way to show off your beautiful eyes is the old tried and true method of eye makeup. With just a little bit of skill, your eyes can be transformed in such a way that others can’t help but notice. First, contour your eyes with the right dash of color for your skin tone, followed by eyeliner to define them. Then, curl your lashes and fan them out with a bold mascara. For a more “awake” look, try applying a white or nude liner to the lower waterline of your eyes. This will help to instantly open them up. Whichever tactic you prefer, you’ll be all set for a little eye flirting. 

Cucumbers aren’t just for salads!
You’ve probably seen it before – people enjoying a spa day with slices of pale green cucumbers over their eyes. There’s a reason for that – it works! By placing a couple of chilled cucumber slices over your eyes for several minutes (or however long you want), you’ll likely notice an instant, fresher, brighter look to the delicate skin around your eyes. That’s because this super fruit contains ascorbic acid, which is great to help to de-puff some mild swelling around the eyes. 

Consider a little injection of neurotoxin.
If you’re reluctantly realizing the ravages of time haven’t exactly been kind to the delicate skin around your eyes, then a few units of neurotoxin (like Botox®, Xeomin®, or Jeuveau) may be just the ticket you’ve been searching for. These injectables are administered by licensed professionals and are clinically proven to temporarily reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Send crow’s feet and frown lines packing and even raise your eyebrows in the process. Not only will these treatments enhance the look of your eyes, but you’ll also look younger and more refreshed. All this from a tiny little injection!

Whatever route you choose to amplify your own “windows to the soul,” do so with pride and step out in confidence, mask on and all! You’ll be sure to turn a few heads along the way with your look-at-me eyes.